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Seattle Property Recovery Attorney

Washington Collateral Recovery

When individuals neglect to make payments on loans for their personal property, it is both the financial responsibility and the right of the bank or loan company to take legal action to collect what is owed to them.

At Bradley Boswell Jones, P.S., we will assist you with collecting loan payments and recovering collateral to reduce the debt of a loan for personal property, including cars, motor homes, furniture, jewelry, etc.

Loan Solutions and Alternative Collection Options

With 30 years of creditor representation experience, Bradley Boswell Jones can offer a wealth of collateral recovery knowledge to you, and ultimately find a loan solution that fits the needs of your collection matter.

Bradley Boswell Jones can help you recover collateral by:

  • Contacting your debtor to discuss a loan solution that can be executed out of court
  • Negotiating with your debtor using a debt/collateral recovery plan customized to your debtor's financial situation
  • Commencing legal action to regain possession of what is rightfully your property
  • Work with respective county sheriff to collect personal property as collateral to reduce the debt of the loan

Bradley Boswell Jones is known throughout Washington as one of the only bankruptcy law attorneys who focuses on prejudgment remedies involving replevin action. Contact him today to discuss appropriate loan solutions for your business or financial institution.

Creditor Collateral Recovery Is a Call Away

For assistance with collateral recovery involving personal property, contact Seattle property recovery lawyer Bradley Boswell Jones at 206-935-1501. We are known for our victorious replevin cases throughout Washington, and are dedicated to helping you resolve your recovery matters both in and out of court.

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