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Seattle Consumer and Commercial Collections Attorney

Consumer and Commercial Collections in Washington

You loan money to someone with the expectation that you will be repaid. Unfortunately, sometimes you don't get repayment. In this case, you have the option to exercise your legal right to collecting what is owed to you.

At Bradley Boswell Jones, P.S., we represent individuals and companies who are seeking repayment on both consumer debt and business loans.

Bradley Boswell Jones has successfully collected thousands of judgments throughout Washington for individuals and businesses. With 30 years of experience collecting loan debt and collateral from consumers and commercial institutions, he has the know-how to help you get back what is rightfully owed to you.

Skilled Legal Representation

We understand the strengths and pitfalls of collection procedures in Washington, and how easy it can be to miss out on maximum recovery. That is why we want to help you find the best collection solution for your financial situation.

  • Consumer collection: As an individual, Bradley Boswell Jones can assist you with negotiating disputes over loan repayment from another individual for family and household debt/property. If a solution cannot be reached, he can seek a court order for garnishment of wages or the debtor's bank account, and commence other legal action necessary for loan collection.
  • Commercial collection: If your company is suing another for an unpaid business loan, Bradley Boswell Jones can offer both legal guidance and experienced representation in court. He is skilled with handling high-dollar loans associated with major financing companies, and has a reputation as a successful Washington commercial collection attorney.

Contact Bradley B. Jones for Collection Help

For assistance with collecting on consumer debt and business loans, contact our Seattle consumer and commercial collections lawyer at 206-935-1501. We are dedicated to helping you resolve your recovery matters both in and out of court.

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