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Seattle Property Foreclosure Attorney

Real Property Foreclosure in Seattle, Washington

Oftentimes, individuals are faced with circumstances that lead them to default on their mortgage payments. Unfortunately, that puts both the individual and the creditor in an unacceptable financial position.

At the law office of Bradley Boswell Jones, P.S., we will help you understand the legal options you have as a creditor when handling delinquent debtors and home foreclosure.

Understanding Your Rights as a Creditor

With 30 years of experience in foreclosure solutions, Bradley Boswell Jones is a dependable and affordable bankruptcy law resource for creditors in King County and the surrounding Washington area.

We will help you understand how real estate transactions are put together, making it easier to acknowledge the protected rights creditors have when homeowners default on their payments and when legal action is needed to receive those payments.

Washington Foreclosure Options

With his knowledge of the foreclosure process, Seattle attorney Bradley Boswell Jones will help you determine what legal steps you should take depending on the situation of the debtor you are seeking payment from.

Two main options he can assist you with include:

  • Non-judicial foreclosures — According to state statutes, Bradley Boswell Jones will manage this streamlined procedure that eliminates court activity. It is generally less expensive that court-based foreclosure. It is also structured to allow debtors avenues to get themselves back on their financial feet.
  • Judicial foreclosures — With judicial foreclosures, we can provide court representation and move toward accelerating the balance and declaring the full balance is due for optimal recovery. Usually a sale is conducted within six months of a judicial foreclosure proceeding.

Bradley Boswell Jones will be happy to consult with you regarding the best foreclosure solution for your business or financial institution.

Consult with Bradley B. Jones Today

For assistance with non-judicial and judicial foreclosure, and property recovery, contact Seattle property foreclosure lawyer Bradley Boswell Jones at 206-935-1501. We have successfully handled numerous foreclosures throughout Washington, and are dedicated to helping you resolve your collection matters both in and out of court.

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